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Mask Inner Layer - Librelle® Nylon Spunbond

Librelle® is a desirable material for used in the inner soft absorbent layer of medical mask. It is very soft, moisture adsorbant, and non-fray material that provides extra comfort with the skin. 
  • Always Champion Nylon Spubnond Nonwoven Fabrics are manufactured by our proprietary composite fiber and spunbond technology - a culmination of years of technology development - which produce nonwoven products that are uniform, soft, abrasion resistant, and water adsorbant. This makes our fabrics ideal candidates for inner layer of medical mask applications. The ultra fine nylon fiber manufactured using our proprietary technology provide exceptional skin feeling, drapability, and it is much less prone to fray in comparison to staple non-woven. Our Librelle® provide addition comfort to mask wearer and increase durability and wearability of masks.

    Inner soft adsrobeny layer of medical mask

    Nylon's hydrophilic properties makes it ideal surface layer for mask application as it readily adsorbs moisture during breathing. 

    Product Specifications:
    Product Name Nylon Spunbond
    Process Spunbond Nonwoven
    Weight 25 - 35 gsm
    Material Type 100% Nylon
    Width 60 Inches
    Colors White, Black, 
    Emboss  T, +, Other (Contact Us)