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The non-woven applications in auto parts have increased substantially in recent years, ranging from carpet, seat liner and reinforcement, trunk liners, acoustic insultation, upholsery backing, bodywork parts, fuel and air filters, and etc. Nonwovens have been transformative in reducing weight and cost of automobile manufacturing. Our proprietary Nylon Spunbond Nonwoven Products offer exceptional solutions to some of these automotive applications such as car seat lining and reinforcement, interior lining for headliner system, package trays, sunglasses trays, and trunk, and composite application.
  • Always Champion Nylon Spunbond Nonwoven Fabrics are manufactured by our proprietary composite fiber and spunbond technology - a culmintation of years of technology development - which produce nonwoven products with exceptional tensile strength and abrasion resistant performance that make them ideal candidates for many automotive applications. Our Nylon Spunbond products provide many advantages over monocomponent nylon, polyester or polypropylene spunbond products. Our strategy is to work closely with our cusotmers to develop best solution and to ensure their success. 

    Car seat lining and reinforcement, interior lining for headliner system, package tray, sunglasses tray, and trunk, and composite. 

    Our Nylon Spunbond Nonwoven Fabrics are not only thin, flexible, and quiet but at same time provide exceptional durability and superior abrasion resistance. Due to the outstanding thermal stability of Nylon, our fabrics have a melting point of approximately 268°C, which is much higher than that of Polyester or Polypropylene. Nylon (Polyamide) also offer great chemical resistance against many solvents (i.e alcohols, glycols, ketones, hydrocarbon fues and oils), alkalis, and acid, and at same offer protection against UV. Because of such properties, Nylon spunbond fabrics have singificantly higher durability and service life in comparison to polyester and polypropylene. Nylon also offers higher strength than PET and polypropylene and lower basis weight can be used to reduce waste and cost. 

    Product Specifications:
    Product Name Nylon Spunbond
    Process Spunbond Nonwoven
    Weight 80 - 130gsm
    Material Type  100% Nylon
    Width 60 Inches
    Colors  White, Black, Other (Contact Us)
    Emboss +, T, Other (Contact Us)