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Company History

Always Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1985, is a nonwoven manufacturer and supplier providing nonwoven product solutions across diverse industries. We possess a broad spectrum of nonwoven technologies. Through accumulation and combination of these technologies, we deliver innovative nonwoven solutions that creates value and new opportunities for consumer and businesses.
We started out the nonwoven business in the footwear industry. At Always Champion, we develop high performance sustainable footwear solutions for shoe lining, inserts, soles, and reinforcements. Taibrelle
® , one of our signature nonwoven products sold for over 30 years, has been the preferred choice for many leading global footwear brands.
Over the past 35 years, we continue to improve the quality and performance of our products and we never stop innovating. We offer a broad spectrum of products ranging from staple fiber-based, spunbonded, to needle punched nonwovens. In recent years, we have expanded our nonwoven expertise from footwear to medical, hygiene, home furnishing, agriculture, geotextile and other related industries. Our expertise in multi-component extrusion process enables us to manufacture products with exceptional strength and quality.

Environmental sustainability is a key concern for us and we continue to embed sustainability in our development. Just like our slogan, “Spinning for Life,” we promote better applications of nonwovens in our daily life by developing smarter, safer, reliable, and sustainable product solutions. We continue to grow and innovate with our clients towards success. Please connect with us via Linkedin