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Always Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1985, is a nonwoven manufacturer with expertise in composite nonwovens. We offer a broad spectrum of products ranging from staple fiber-based, spunbonded, to needle punched nonwovens. We have over 35 years of experience supplying world leading shoe brands with high performance and high quality nonwoven shoe lining. In recent years, we have expanded our nonwoven expertise from footwear to medical, hygiene, home furnishing, agriculture, geotextile and other related industries. With a long history of technology innovation and commitment to quality, we deliver the best nonwoven solutions to our customers. We will continue to grow and innovate with our customers.
AC is committed to develop innovative nonwoven solutions to advance quality, safety, and sustainability of society and promote the long-term prosperity of the planet.AC is committed to develop high performance and high quality non-woven solutions via innovation, sustainability, and value creation for our customers. 

Be the powerhouse of nonwoven innovations to foster a sustainable world. Promote better applications of nonwovens in our daily life.Transforming our World: Advancing Society through ESG and Science with a Soul.Become a world leader in advanced nonwoven solution.Create superior value for our customer through innovation. We invite you to connect with us via our Linkedin